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Dysfunction aside, my parents are naturals at everything that’s feel-good about life.

Not only can they turn any group of miseros into happy ravers (minus drugs and trance music), they shower everyone with hospitality, respect and food. No-one (except my sister-in-law) ever leaves their house not wanting to come back.

The Authentic Eclectic

Van Gogh panting, The Drinkers, Piree Lua, Medium
The Drinkers after Honoré Daumier, Vincent Van Gogh - Source

I’m a big fan of comments!

If articles were a party, comments would be the drink people bring along!

  • Some people bring a nice bottle of red and get a good conversation going
  • Some talk like they’re on green tea cocktails and home-made vegan wine, modern day hipsters with blessed…

Piree Lua

Silver-haired bird ~ Haven’t drunk the woke-aid ~ British-Asian writer ~ Writing about you (probably)

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